Junky Boys' Junk Removal Oakland

The Junky Boys’ junk removal and hauling services cover the entire Bay Area. Our highly rated junk removal team especially serves the city of Oakland, California. Whether you’re in San Leandro, Rockridge, Fruitvale, or downtown Oakland, CA, our junk removal company will be there for all of your junk hauling needs.

Residential Item Removal

Whether you’re in an apartment or in a home, you’ll need to remove unwanted junk that the local Oakland trash company won’t take. You also don’t want to spend an entire day sorting through junk, hauling large items, recycling appropriate electronics, and removing junk.

The Junky Boys cover the entirety of Oakland to help Oakland residents save their time on dealing with junk removal. We specialize in hauling all types of junk, such as electronic waste, furniture, yard junk, mattresses, and other appliances.

All you need to do is contact us to get a free estimate and our top junk removal team will arrive on time to remove your junk.

Electronic Waste Junk Removal in Oakland

Everyone is buying a new laptop or TV, especially around times like Christmas or Black Friday. Buying new gadgets means that you have to properly dispose or recycle your old electronics. Making sure that you follow the correct laws and regulations for electronic waste removal can be difficult. If you want to easily remove electronic waste, such as old TV’s, monitors, computers, and speakers, call the Junky Boys.

Our Oakland junk removal team won’t just toss your electronic waste. Being eco-friendly is one of our top priorities, which is why our junk removal services always include sorting and recycling.

Our top junk removal company makes sure that donations are our top priority. We’ll ensure that all usable electronic waste items go to the correct donation centers. Our eco-friendly junk removal team will ensure that all un-usable electronic waste is sent to the correct recycling centers.

Yard Waste Junk Removal in Oakland

If you live in a single family home, you probably have a lot of junk building up in your backyard. Oftentimes, you might have huge plant trimmings, big trees that you cut down, inflatable pools, old lawn mowers, and gardening tools.

These large items are hard to properly dispose of with your regular Oakland waste company. You also don’t want to waste time hauling your unwanted items to the dump. Save your time and call the Junky Boys.

Junky Boys' commercial junk removal in Oakland, CA

Our Oakland Junky Boys team will visit your single family home to remove your yard waste from your backyard. We’ll bring our truck to make sure all of your unwanted items will be removed. All you have to do is point to your unwanted junk and our team will haul it away.

To schedule your Oakland yard waste removal, call us for a free estimate or book an appointment online.

Furniture Junk Removal in Oakland

It’s hard removing junk furniture, especially because furniture can be heavy and hard to move. Even when you move your furniture out of your home, it’s difficult to haul it away to a dump.

The Junky Boys do residential curbside pickups to pick up and haul away all of your furniture. Our Oakland junk removal company will come to your apartment or home to remove your furniture and haul it away. We specialize in removing couches, tables, desks, mattresses, dining tables, beds, and more.

Commercial Item Removal in Oakland

The Junky Boys also specialize in assisting big companies and small businesses with their junk removal needs. All of the big businesses and offices popping up in Oakland are generating a lot of waste that needs to be removed. These businesses can generate more waste than Oakland residents.

These businesses aren’t just typical offices, they can be mechanic shops, construction businesses, restaurants, gas stations, and more. Owners of these Oakland businesses know that it is costly and time consuming to haul and remove their junk by themselves. These owners might not have the right vehicle to haul away their junk or not have dumpsters that will fit their unwanted items.

As a business owner, it’s more time and cost effective to hire another junk removal company to haul away your unwanted junk. You might have your employees haul away the junk, but that means they’re not doing their actual job. You’ll really be losing money because you’re losing productivity.

This is why the Junky Boys also specializes in hauling and junk removal services for commercial customers. We work with all types of commercial clients, such as construction companies, restaurants, mechanic shops, and more.

Construction Debris Removal

If you’re a construction company in Oakland, you know there’s a lot of construction debris and junk to remove after the project is done. It might seem as if it’s cheaper to pay your employees to haul away construction debris on your site. But, your employees aren’t specialized in hauling and junk removal. This approach will cost you more time and money than you expected.

It’s better to source a junk removal company, like The Junky Boys, to haul away your construction debris. We have a lot of experience working with construction companies all over Oakland. We’ll save your company time and money.

Property Clean-Outs

As a property manager in Oakland, you know as tenants come and go from your property that there is a lot of unwanted junk left behind. These unwanted items must be removed before you show the property to new, potential tenants. However, hauling and removing junk from your properties can be hard, especially if you live far away or don’t have the right vehicle.

Luckily, The Junky Boys specializes in cleaning out properties in the city of Oakland, CA. Contact our junk removal company and we will send our best team to any one of your properties in Oakland. We will haul away everything inside of your property, recycle appropriate items, and properly dispose of the rest. Contact our company as a potential partner for cleaning out all of your old tenant’s old junk.

Everything Else Junk Removal

We don’t just stick to residential and commercial junk removal, we’ll haul away anything you don’t need! If you’re in the city of Oakland, give the Junky Boys a call and we’ll haul away anything you don’t need.

Our great junk removal team is known for their excellent customer services and great jobs of quickly hauling away items, being eco-friendly, and removing your unwanted items.

Call us or book online for a free estimate!