San Francisco

San Francisco

The Junky Boys have been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since our inception in 2021. Our top junk removal team specifically serves the city of San Francisco, CA. From the Financial District to the Sunset District, our team will hauling and removing your residential and commercial junk as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Residential Junk Removal

As one of the best San Francisco Junk Removal companies , the Junky Boys covers junk removal and hauling for all types of residential needs.

Residential Electronic Waste Removal in San Francisco

If you’re looking to move into another house, getting rid of unwanted items, such as hot tubs, or just doing some spring cleaning. Our San Francisco junk haulers will make sure you’re in good hands. In the 21st century, a lot of households have more electronic gadgets that one can count. When these electronic items go bad or old, it’s important to dispose of them in the correct manner. We make sure to properly recycle/dispose of your electronic waste, such as televisions, air conditioners, computers, laptops, monitors, printers, speakers, and more.

It’s difficult to know how to remove and recycle electronics. There are a lot of laws, especially in San Francisco, that you need to follow to properly dispose of electronic waste. The Junky Boys, one of the top junk removal services in San Francisco, donates working electronic goods and properly recycles/disposes of other electronic waste.

Residential Trash Removal in San Francisco

If you’ve made a lot of purchases in one week, it’s hard to wait for trash day. If you’re doing spring cleaning, your trash can might fill up and also make it hard to wait for trash day.

The Junky Boys services the entire city of San Francisco for residential trash removal needs. Just call us and our junk haulers will come to your home, any day of the week to remove your unwanted items. Our top San Francisco junk removal team will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Our junk removal company will sort through your trash to recycle the appropriate items and properly dispose of the rest.

Residential Furniture Removal in San Francisco

If you’re moving to San Francisco, it can be hard to remove heavy furniture items or other unwanted junk. Heavy furniture, like coffee tables, dining tables, sofas, desks, couches, desks, and more can be especially hard due to their size.

Our junk removal company provides the best furniture removal service in San Francisco. We’ll come to your home to haul and properly dispose of all your furniture, no matter what floor you live on.

Commercial Junk Removal

It’s an exciting time if your company is moving out of an office and scaling up! However, moving offices means that your team has to haul, pack, and remove a lot of unwanted items! Don’t spend time waiting for your local trash team to come haul and pick up your junk. Instead, the San Francisco Junky Boys will come to your commercial property to haul away and properly dispose of your unwanted junk.

Commercial Furniture Removal in San Francisco

If you’re switching offices, it’s also a great time to upgrade your furniture. However, removing your company’s old furniture, such as chairs and desks, can be tough. The Junky Boys’ top Hauling Services San Francisco service will come to your company’s address in San Francisco and haul away all of your unwanted furniture. Our team will make sure that your old furniture is donated or properly recycled.

The Junky Boys’ furniture removal includes hauling away your company’s old tables, desks, meeting chairs, tables, desks, and office couches.

Construction Debris Removal in San Francisco

There is a lot of construction  happening in San Francisco and it’s important to think about how all of the construction debris is removed. It can be tough and expensive to remove all of the construction debris in a project. It’s easier to hire a hauling service to do all of the heavy lifting involved with construction debris removal.

The Junky Boys will haul away all of your construction debris, such as dirt, concrete, scrap metal, bulk metal, and other types of materials. Our junk removal team will work with your team to make sure all of your construction debris is properly removed.

Storage Unit Clean-Out in San Francisco

If you’re the owner of a storage unit business, you’ll see that past tenants leave a lot of unwanted junk. These unwanted items cause extra stress for the manager or the owner of the storage unit.

Instead of removing this junk yourself, it’ll be easier for you to call our top junk removal team. Our hauling service will haul away all of the unwanted junk out of your storage units. We’ll sort through the unwanted items to properly dispose of items and/or take items to their appropriate recycling centers.

Call the Junky Boys for Cheap Junk Removal in San Francisco

We service the entire city of San Francisco for all residential and commercial hauling service/Junk Removal San Francisco needs. Call us or book online for a free estimate and we can make hauling and/or junk removal as easy as 1,2, 3.