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If you’re spring cleaning, moving out of your home, or switching offices, you will have junk that needs to be removed and disposed. In order to haul, properly dispose, and recycle your junk, you’ll need a lot of time, an extra pair of hands, and a junk trunk to handle all of your unwanted items. Save your time and money and call a professional Junk Removal Santa Clara, like us!

Our top junk removal teams handle all residential and commercial junk removal needs, anywhere in the Santa Clara, CA area. We make junk removal and hauling easy in the Santa Clara area. All you have to do is point at your junk and we’ll haul it away.

The Junky Boys Process in Santa Clara

Step 1: If you’re looking to schedule a junk pick-up day, call us (510) 999-0021 or book online! We’ll ask that you send us pictures of your junk and/or describe the items that you need hauled away. If possible, we recommend that you can estimate the cubic yards of junk that you need removed and disposed of.

Step 2: Once we get all of your information, our representatives will reach out to you with a free estimate. Our quote will include traveling to your location, picking up and loading our truck, and hauling away your unwanted items for proper disposal. Our eco-friendly junk removal team goes one step further by sorting through your junk, for free. We will donate all items that can are usable and recycle appropriate items.

Step 3: After you schedule a time and date for our team to arrive, all you have to do is point at your junk. Our junk removal professionals will haul everything away, before you know it.

Affordable Junk Removal in Santa Clara

If you’re shopping around for different junk removal companies in the Santa Clara or San Jose area, you will receive various quotes. The Junky Boys takes pride in being the best, affordable junk removal company in the entire Santa Clara and San Jose area. We will price-match any other junk removal companies in the area to give you the best price.

What Junk Do We Remove?

We remove all types of junk, from residential unwanted items to commercial debris. Listed below are some of the services we specialize in:

Residential Furniture Removal

As it’s spring cleaning time or if you’re moving into Silicon Valley, there’s a lot of furniture that needs to be replaced. Instead of wasting time hauling and moving furniture in and out of your apartment or home, we highly recommend to contact a professional junk removal service to take care of this for you.

At The Junky Boys, our top junk removal team will come to your home in Santa Clara or San Jose and dismantle furniture for you, haul it of your home, and properly dispose of your unwanted furniture. We will also sort through your unwanted furniture and donate usable items. We’ll haul all types of furniture, like sofas, couches, TV stands, bookcases, shelves, dining tables, chairs, beds, mattresses, and more.

Residential E-Waste and Appliance Removal

To keep your home clean and up to date, you may also find yourself removing a lot of electronic waste and appliances. However, it’s hard to responsibly dispose of these items. There are a lot of laws and regulations in how to dispose certain electronics and appliances.

For example, a lot of residents in Santa Clara ask us, “What is the best way to dispose of old laptop batteries?” In order to properly dispose of old laptop batteries, you’d have to take your batteries to a hazardous materials waste facility or the appropriate recycling facility.

The best way to remove your electronic waste and appliances is by hiring a commercial junk removal company. Here at The Junky Boys our top priority is responsible disposal of old electronic waste and appliances. We’ll make the process of e-waste and appliance junk removal very easy!

All you have to do is schedule an appointment with us online and our junk removal team will be at your home in Santa Clara. We’ll haul away all of your e-waste and appliances. Our eco-friendly team will then sort through your unwanted items to determine what can be donated or recycled. We will take all recycled items to the appropriate waste facilities.

The Junky Boys take care of all types of electronic waste and appliances, such as hot tubs, TV’s, laptops, computers, kitchen appliances, microwaves, and monitors.

Construction Debris Removal

Other than residential junk, our company also helps construction projects in the Santa Clara area. It can be costly for construction companies to remove and dispose of their debris. A construction company will spend their time paying their employees to haul away junk rather than focus on their construction work. It’s easier and cheaper for these construction companies to hire an affordable junk removal service, like ours!

The Junky Boys will visit your construction site and responsible dispose all of your debris! We will take all of your debris away, such as dirt, concrete, rocks, wood, metal, and more. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Contact Us For Junk Removal in Santa Clara

If you’re ready to hire a professional Junk Pickup  Santa Clara, don’t look further! The Junky Boys will take care of all residential and commercial junk removal needs. Call us now or book online to get your junk hauled away.