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Our San Francisco Bay Area Services

Junky Boys is driven by a passion to be recognized as the most reliable residential and commercial junk removal service provider in the Bay Area. We ensure in-depth cleanouts at affordable prices backed by a sustainability-first approach to safe disposals. From individuals to businesses, our goal is to render your space clutter-free so your comfort is never compromised in the slightest. Over the years, we have been able to win over hundreds of clients through unwavering professionalism, trust, responsive customer support, and of course, commitment.

Residential cleanouts

Managing a residential clean-out all by yourself is no easy feat. Over time homeowners tend to collect a lot of belongings that add to the pile of things they don’t really need, such as hot tubs. This is especially true for families with kids. If you have gathered an entire room’s worth of toys, old furniture, interior décor, or a mix of items that you don’t wish to use anymore, it’s time to get them out of the house. Here at Junky boys, we can help you with effective residential clean-outs so you don’t have to worry about the grunt work.

Property Cleanouts for real estate agents

Being in the real estate business is all about the hustle. With the amount of competition around these days. You must make sure that the properties on your listing are worth the purchase. Unfortunately, selling old homes can be quite the hassle when previous owners leave behind their junk truck. We understand that cluttered property wards off potential investors and that’s the last thing you want. So, hire us to prove why we’re the best choice for your business. From junk to furniture and everything in between, we remove and haul so you can focus on maximizing sales.

Foreclosures Cleanouts

There’s nothing more frustrating than repossessing a home only to find that it is loaded with unnecessary junk . Old furniture, and unusable items. While selling a foreclosed house is a daunting challenge in itself, cleaning one is even more difficult. Most people who lend residential properties don’t have the time to look over the cleaning aspects. With Junk truck on your side, a foreclosure cleanout is handled by trained professionals who never let you down. We collect, dispose of, recycle and sell off all the removable belongings while maintaining your convenience

Eviction Cleanouts

Has a difficult tenant made your life stressful lately. Getting rid of someone who refuses to pay their rent is possibly the most draining experience ever. However, what comes after it isn’t pleasant either. When tenants are handed an eviction, it’s often rare that they leave without hordes of things sprawled across in the property. Rest assured, Junky Boys has got you covered. We have been serving customers with eviction cleanouts since the very beginning. Our team clears everything out which results in a completely pristine home you won’t believe was heavily cluttered just a few hours ago.