The beginning of The Junky Boys has started in Union City and Fremont. Owner, Sam, first started serving the surrounding areas of Fremont, Union City, San Jose, and Silicon Valley. Overtime, The Junky Boys have expanded to the entire Bay Area, however our roots have always been in Fremont.

Sam has always kept the customers’ needs at the top of his priorities. He envisions that all customers, residential or commercial, should not have to worry about hauling and junk removal.

The Junky Boys takes this on by providing the best local junk removal customer service in Fremont. His junk removal company will not just pick up your junk and leave. Their junk removal services including helping you with demolition, dismantling furniture, packaging things for hauling, sorting through recyclable items, and junk hauling.

Residential Item Removal In Fremont, CA

Old Yard Junk

If your yard in Fremont, CA is collecting more and more unwanted junk, it’s definitely time to sort through everything and haul it to the dump. These items can include things like wood, gardening supplies, cut-down trees, and more. However, doing this yourself can cost you a lot of time and money. You’ll have to sort through all of your things to make sure the appropriate things get recycled, get a truck to haul your unwanted items, and dump everything.

This whole process can be made easier if you hire a top junk removal expert, such as The Junky Boys. We’ll make this entire process very easy for you. All you have to do is point at the old yard junk you don’t need and our top junk removal team will do everything for you. Our eco-friendly team will sort through your old unwanted junk, recycle things at the right center, and remove and haul the rest to the dump.

Old Furniture

Whether you’re moving out of Fremont or spring cleaning, removing and hauling old furniture can be difficult. Old furniture can be heavy, hard to break down, and difficult to take to the dump. It’ll cost you a lot of time and money if you do it yourself.

This is why it’s recommended that you call The Junky Boys. Our Fremont junk removal teams specialize in furniture removal and hauling services. Our team will come to your property, dismantle and pick up the heavy furniture from your house, and take it to the dump. We’ll pick your old furniture, like old sofas, chairs, old mattresses, bed stands, dressers, bookcases, and more.

The Junky Boys’ junk removal team is eco-friendly. We’ll make sure to donate what we can before we properly dispose of the rest.

Appliance Removal

It’s extremely difficult to switch out household appliances. Usually, old appliances weigh a lot and can be hard to haul away. This is why it’s recommended that you hire a junk removal expert to remove and haul away your old appliances, such as washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, stoves, ovens, and more.

The Junky Boys’ Fremont team can easily remove and haul away your unwanted appliances. Our top junk removal team will come to your house in Fremont or the surrounding areas to pick up your appliances. Our eco-friendly team will first make sure that your appliances can either be donated or recycled first. If nothing can be donated or recycled, we’ll make sure to properly dispose of your appliances.

Large Item Removal

If you live in San Jose, Fremont, or in the surrounding area, it’s difficult to remove large, unwanted junk from your house or apartment. You don’t want to get in trouble by leaving your unwanted items on the curb and it’s difficult to haul large items to the dump. It’s always a great idea to call your local junk removal company to assist you.

The Junky Boys’ Fremont junk removal team will always assist you with removing large, unwanted junk from your residence. We’ll pick up anything you can’t and even do curbside pickups! Our residential junk removal team ensures that we won’t damage your property and everything is neatly hauled away.

Commercial Item Removal In Fremont

Property Management Clean-Outs

As a property manager in Fremont and the surrounding area, you’ll often witness that tenants will leave behind unwanted junk as they’re moving out. This means that you have to remove and haul this junk away before the next tenant moves in. However, cleaning up these unwanted items will cost you a lot of time and money, especially if you don’t have the right vehicle to haul everything away.

If you find yourself in this position, call The Junky Boys! Our top Fremont local junk removal team will drop by to any of your properties in Fremont. We’ll remove and haul all unwanted junk from your properties. Give us a call or send us a picture for free estimates.

Storage Unit Clean-Outs

Junky Boys commercial junk removal in Fremont

If you manage a storage facility in San Jose or Fremont, you’ll notice that a lot of storage unit tenants will abandon their unwanted items in the unit. This often means that you’ll have the task of removing this unwanted junk from the storage units. Don’t stress if you’re in this position and just call The Junky Boys.

Our junk removal services also include storage unit clean-outs. The junk removal experts will visit all of your storage units that need a clean-out and remove and haul all unwanted junk. Also eco-friendly team will make sure to recycle and donate all we can.

Construction Debris Junk Removal

There is a lot of construction happening in the surrounding areas of Fremont, especially as there is a lot of people moving near Silicon Valley. The large volume of construction projects means that there is a lot of construction debris to get rid of. However, it can be costly for construction companies to haul their construction debris themselves.

If you’re in-charge of a construction project, call The Junky Boys for all construction debris removal. Our Fremont junk removal team will visit your construction site to remove and haul all of your construction debris. You’ll save time and money by hiring our top-rated team!

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