Metal Recycling at Junky Boys

What is Metal Recycling, And Why is it Important?

Metal recycling is when metals aren’t disposed, they are reused in several ways. All of these recycling methods result in the production of more metal and the preservation of the junk removal union city ca. 

At Junky Boys, we recycle metal near you, specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area. We sort through ferrous and non ferrous metal and recycle through metal recycling centers.

Now, why should one recycle metal? 

Metal, due to its composition, cannot be corrupted and does not lose any of its quality, even when it is recycled multiple times. Recycling metal depends on the type of metal. All ferrous scraps can be recycled. Non-ferrous metals make it uncomplicated for corporations to bundle scrap metal.

And since there are so many metals that can be recycled and so many others that aid in recycling, it leads to the one thing every company dreams about: you get to save money. 

You can reinvest those funds elsewhere when you don’t have to spend top dollar on metals because you are recycling them.

Reasons to Recycle Metal:

1. Preservation of Natural Resources: 

When metal is recycled, corporations do not need to make new metal. As a result, natural reserves for metal are preserved. These reserves are essential to the survival of humanity and need to be preserved as much as humanly possible. 

Furthermore, it is not just the metal that needs to be preserved. It takes a lot of energy to form new metals. This production of contemporary metals results in a lot of greenhouse gas emissions and competitive prices for new goods that need metal, such as cars and trucks. When corporations decide to recycle old metals instead of producing new ones, it reduces pollution and helps the environment. 

2. To best use raw materials. 

Metals are among the rare raw materials that companies can recycle without any damage or decrease in quality. This means that if you have residue metal or old metal, there is no need to manufacture more metal, as you have all the metal you need at your disposal. 

Even valuable metals like aluminum, copper, and brass can be recycled.

The only metals that can’t be recycled are the radioactive ones for health reasons. You can have most kinds of metal recycled at a scrap metal recycling plant, knowing fully well that the quality of the metal you recycle with to deplete even slightly and that you will have metal that is literally just as good as new.

3. To Reduce Carbon Emissions:

The main reason we are encouraging you to recycle and why everyone in the world should do it is to extend the life of the planet and reduce the impact of humans on it. Recycling metals is one of the best forms of reducing our impact, as it both reduces carbon emissions and leads to no landfill waste. It is one of the best ways to help achieve your companies carbon goals. 

But most importantly, recycling metals will result in fewer amounts of CO2, resulting in a cleaner atmosphere. With every ton of recycled aluminum, nine tons of CO2 is prevented from being released into the air.

 4. To Reduce Company Costs: 

Recycling metals reduces costs, as firms no longer have to spend money on producing costly amounts of metal. 

Most companies recycle industrial scrap for the sole reason that it is cheaper and far more practical to reuse old metal than to manufacture more, especially when the quality of the metal will not decrease.

5. To Meet Recycling Standards: 

Recycling standards are higher than they’ve ever been as more research on humanity’s effect on the planet increases the standards for recycling. 

Of these recycling standards, metal has become a mainstay, as it is one of the most accessible materials to recycle and one of the most expensive and dangerous to make. 

The recycling plants also often employ waste facilities. So, by recycling metal, you are also contributing to the economy.

It may be a hassle to gather scrap metal and then have it recycled, a process that can take a lot of time depending on the metal that is being recycled—however, the benefits of recycling far outweigh the costs of recycling.

How to Recycle Metals

Metal recycling  is a four-stage process, 

  1. Segregation
  2. Preparation
  3. Burning
  4. Formation

Though the recycling of metal can be a difficult task, we have discussed the economic and environmental benefits of doing so, and the benefits overshadow the cons by some margin. So, the next time you need metal, go to a scrapyard instead of a metal plant.

We at The Junk Boys are also big proponents of sustainability and making the earth a safer and cleaner place for us and our generations that will succeed us. That’s why we provide hauling services for both industrial and residential metal waste.

Our junk removal company provides free estimates for your metal recycling & junk removal and hauling. Call us at (510) 999-0021 for a quote now. We take all forms of payment, such as Apple Pay, Venmo, Zelle, major credit cards and debit cards.

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